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Through creative exercises such as song writing, vocal techniques, scene study, and artistic projects, we afford students the opportunity to self-express the challenges they are going through. Combining that with powerful coping tools through life skills’ workshops, and inspirational guest mentors, students get a sense of empowerment while building their self-esteem. By the end of the program, the students will have created their own unique and personal artistic work, giving them a feeling of accomplishment and pride to fuel their future dreams.

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Parents Love Musicfuel - How Musicfuel Makes A Difference

Kids Love M.F.I.Y.S


MFIYS Program

Teaching Rhythm and Self Expression In Our Group Drum Circle 

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MFIYS Program

Teens Learning Vocal Techniques With Inspirational Guest Mentor - Dana Sol

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MFIYS Program

Teens Learn The Craft Of Song Writing And Self Expression With Founder, Lisa Paterson

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