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About Us

Musicfuel provides creative, and inspiring alternatives for today's youth, encouraging them to make positive life choices by providing valuable tools and experiences that are self-empowering, allowing them to see that their dreams are possible.


We offer scholarships, mentorship, on- and off-campus school programs, and powerful workshops that offer unique opportunities with industry professionals. Our goal is to encourage and support our youth on their journey to discovering who they are and what they stand for. Musicfuel provides opportunities for our

youth to live their dreams and to be positive contributors to society.

Our hope is that our programs will start a ripple effect that expands beyond just our local communities, but globally as well.

Our programs provide experiences which promote the NURTURING  of talent, inspire the DISCOVERY of unidentified abilities, provide career opportunities  and encourage community outreach.


"We have great power within ourselves, and when we combine our power and

strength in a community, we become an unbeatable force".        

 ~Lisa Paterson, Founder~

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