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 I G N I T E  Y O U R  P A S S I O N 
  Y O U R  V O I C E  I S  H E A R D 



Musicfuel Provides experiences that promote the NURTURING of talent, DISCOVERY of unidentified ability, and APPRECIATION for social responsibility toward humanity and our planet. In addition, we offer mentorship and guidance by industry professionals for exploring personal and creative growth and education in music and the arts through our scholarship program.
Our organization facilitates building a supportive music and arts community for today’s aspiring youth. Musicfuel is the vehicle that provides our youth the FUEL for their voices to be heard and their messages carried out. We believe that we are all connected and have a responsibility toward one another. Every cause has an effect, so please support our mission to be the cause of something great!

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Providing scholarships in music and the arts for deserving young artists in underserved communities

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Teaching our students creative self-expression through songwriting while building self-esteem and self-awareness through life skills workshops

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Musicfuel Off Campus provides hands-on learning experiences for our students by industry professionals

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